Solved- Schlage Lock Blinks Green but Won’t Open? US 2022

Schlage Locks are quite popular across the US and many other countries. Usually, When you Enter the Correct Pass Code Schlage Lock Blinks Green and the door unlocks. But there have been cases when Schlage Lock Blinks Green but Won’t Open? In this Article, We’ll be helping you to troubleshoot and Solve this Problem!

Schlage Lock Blinks Green but Won’t Open

What to do if your Schlage keypad lock blinks green but won’t open

There are a couple of things you can try if your Lock blinks green and won’t open:

  • Call Schlage Lock Support and ask them to call you to update your code.
  • Issue a power off/on command by pushing the battery down button.
  • If that doesn’t work, and you still can’t open the door, you can try unscrewing the batteries on the back of the keypad.
  • But don’t just pull on it, and be sure to properly loosen the screw when removing the battery so it doesn’t snap back in place.

Do Note that Sometimes Just Resetting the Lock does the Job!

What to do when your Schlage keypad Lock blinks red but won’t open

If your Schlage keypad lock blinks red but won’t open, here’s what you should do:

  1. Plug your keypad into a power source.
  2. Wait until the lock blinks green again, which should take about five seconds.
  3. When the indicator light turns green, tap in the correct code.
  4. Remember, If you forgot the code, you can enter it as it appears on the back of your lock.

Are you stuck?

If your Schlage Lock’s Battery is Dead and you don’t have the Key, Check this out to open your Door Lock.

Why does my Schlage keypad lock blink green but not open

In this situation, the lock may be locked after entering a user code but before the green LED light is triggered.

Here’s how you can find out whether this is the case. Sometimes, when a keypad is locked but a code has been entered, the lock blinks green, but the lock does not unlock.

This is different from a typical deadlock condition because the lock is unlocked before the keypad blinks.

A deadlock prevents the door from opening, while a lock blinks lock but does not unlock.

Why is my Schlage keypad lock not locked when the LED indicator light is green? If a Schlage keypad lock has a mechanical deadlock, as is the case with most keypad locks, there’s no reason the lock won’t unlock once a user code has been entered.

How to Factory Reset a Schlage keypad Lock

If None of the Options Work. Factory Resetting the Keypad Lock is the Last Option. This Usually Works out for most of the People.

If you haven’t reset your Schlage keypad lock in a while, you may need to enter your user code for it to be recognized.

Use the keypad to enter your code and try to enter it again. If it still won’t unlock, there may be a reset button on the back of the lock, so you can push it again. That button will set your lock to a default state, so when you press it again, you’ll be able to enter your user code.

Reset a Schlage Lock Keypad

  1. Check where is the battery bay and Remove the Battery Connector.
  2. Press and Hold the Schlage button on the Keypad Lock.
  3. Make Sure to Connect the Battery while holding the Schlage button and then Release it.
  4. The Green Light should flash 3 times.
  5. The Schlage Lock is Successfully Reset.


After Resetting the Schlage Lock, All saved codes and settings will be deleted.
Also, the Programming code will reset to the default code. So, you need to reprogram it.

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