21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan that works USA 2022

21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan that really works for you!

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About the 21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan

What is The 21 Day Smoothie Diet?

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet was created in 2003 by E. Eric Rimpau MD, who is the founder and Director of Nutrition Education of the Rimpau Center. The Rimpau Center is a nutritional medicine and wellness education organisation, which was created to educate the public about the importance of optimising health through nutrient-dense, whole food, plant-based eating patterns.

According to Dr. Rimpau, The 21 Day Smoothie Diet is a nutritional program that uses pureed smoothies as the main source of nourishment for an individual.

Smoothies consist of frozen smoothie ingredients blended with water or juices to create a very thick, very satisfying liquid. They are easily stored in the freezer, so that a ready-made meal can be consumed at any time.

21 Day Smoothie Diet

What can you expect from the 21 day smoothie diet?

So Here Comes the Most Important Question! Will the 21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan really make my weight loss journey easier?

If you are like most of the 30 million people who have tried the diet before, you probably fell into the following traps:

  • Blendology Failure to have a healthy breakfast.
  • Too much fruit at the beginning of the day.
  • Not making weight loss a “lifestyle change.”
  • The blender is a tool of the devil!

Blendology: Some people don’t understand that when they put things in their blender, they expect it to become something other than what it is.

Let’s face it, when people mix ingredients, they often end up with a smoothie that is less than what the person tasted while blending.

Let’s also be honest, many people do not have the right equipment for the diet, including small appliances to aid with blending and storage, a scale and good quality ice packs to serve as proper substitute ice cubes.

21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan

Apart from Weight Loss, There are Several other Benefits Promised by the 21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan Challenge. It’ll Transform your Life Completely. You get access to all of the below benefits instantly minutes after purchase. Just follow the guide for 3 Weeks and you’ll see the change for yourself.

  • Reduced Fat
  • More energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Better sleep
  • Sharper thinking
  • Stabilised blood sugar

This 21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan has been tried and tested by almost 1000’s of People across the United States.

This 21 Day Challenge has over 36 delicious fat-melting meal-replacement smoothie recipes.You also get shopping lists for each week to make it super simple to get everything you need. Smoothie making tips & prep guide are included to make sure there is zero trial and error and to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new confidence and energy levels!

Why is the 21 day smoothie diet the best?

The 21 day smoothie diet is best because this effective life-changing system has been tested and proven to help you lose weight and improve your overall health in record time while also helping you drastically reduce your level of inflammation and detox your body.

This means your body will be more receptive to hormonal balance, thyroid regulation, and even total hormone imbalance, not to mention your overall health will improve because of all the great nutrients you will be able to boost your body with to help optimize its overall wellness.

This revolutionary diet is specially designed to help people who struggle with gaining weight keep it off.

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet was created by a physician who experienced first-hand that it is possible to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle by drinking large quantities of nutrient-dense, high-protein smoothies.

21 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan

This approach makes it simple for you to easily lose weight while reducing hunger pangs, blood pressure, joint pain, and depression. At the same time, you are producing an incredible amount of energy as your body converts the high-protein smoothies to a free-flowing, bioavailable form of rapid-onset and highly-digestible vitamins and minerals.

The 21 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan is the most effective weight-loss program ever invented.

All other diets and fad diets – from the paleo to the low carb to the Atkins – the no fat, no carbs diet – have lasted only a few weeks, if that.

The 21 Days Diet Plan, on the other hand, has been proven to achieve up to a 50% loss of body fat in only 21 days!

Most weight-loss programs may provide some temporary results – even a modest amount of weight loss – but nothing as dramatic as what you’ll experience when you make a smoothie or drink a few bottles of green juice.

It’s no wonder that the success of the 21 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Plan is widely attributed to one factor above all others – lemon.

How do you follow the 21 days smoothie diet for effective Weight Loss?

You Need to Complete the 21 day plan Honestly and continue eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

By doing so, you’ll help yourself and your body reach your weight loss goals.

There are also simple but incredibly powerful nutritional guidelines that should be followed to help you get the most out of this system.

Try to work your smoothie into every meal. Plan your diet around making smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Drink smoothies to get your nutrients. Make smoothies for dessert to help your body get the nutrients that are naturally occurring. Healthy people should be making smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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In a Smoothie Diet you take your favorite healthy food (usually fruit, vegetables and beans), mix it with other good food (sugar, olive oil, and lemon juice) and put it into a blender and drink it. Yes, that’s it.

Day 1: FruitsDay 2: Veggie BlendDay 3: Grains
Day 4: FruitDay 5: GrainsDay 6: Veggies
Day 7: GrainsDay 8: FruitsDay 9: Grains
Day 10: GrainsDay 11: VeggiesDay 12: Fruits
Day 13: GrainsDay 14: VeggiesDay 15: Fruits
Day 16: GrainsDay 17: VeggiesDay 18: Fruits
Day 19: GrainsDay 20: FruitsDay 21: Veggies

What if the 21 day diet recipe plan doesn’t work for me?

Are you having trouble getting the recipe to work for you? This Smoothie Weight Loss Plan comes with a Full Refund Policy for 2 Months with No Questions Asked so you can Buy and Try it Confidently Starting Today!

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