Can you Own a Lock Pick Set and Bump Keys? Is it Illegal? Rules for all States in US 2022

Lock Pick Set and Bump Keys are used to open locks without the original key of the lock. Lock Pick tools are used for lock picking and bump key is required for bumping. These methods are used for bypassing the lock and helpful when you really are locked out and in emergency situations.

But, Unfortunately today many burglars and thieves use these methods to enter peoples houses by picking the front doors or buming them. In this article, we’ll be covering in deep whether possessing a Lock Pick set or Bump Keys is Illegal or Legal?

Many States in the US have different policies and rules regarding possession of bump keys and lock pick sets. It is also illegal in many parts of the world too.

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Are Lock Pick Sets Illegal?

It depends whether your state allows individuals to own lock pick sets. If it is not allowed by the laws of your state then it is definitely illegal.

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Can you Own bump keys?

Not if Laws in your state prohibits it. Many states and countries allow them only if you are a licensed locksmith.

In Which States Are Lock Picks and Bump Keys Illegal?

As per what we have found, it’s illegal to possess them in Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia. If you are caught with these tools you may have to prove that it is not for illegal purposes like burglary or theft.

In all other states, they aren’t illegal provided there is no intent of using them for theft, burglary or breaking a building.

Some states like Arizona, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and west Virginia have no law whatsoever so by default they are legal to possess. But you need to make sure that if you own lock pick set or bump keys, they should not be used for illegal purposes.

What are the Legal Terms in Lock Picking?

  • Prima Facie Evidence

This term comes from the Latin Language. It means you can’t posses Lock Pick sets or bump keys in the states where this law is imposed. Merely possessing them could be illegal and against the law. If you are caught with bump keys or lock picking tools you have to prove that you had no intent to use them in illegal manner.

  • Must Show Intent

In many parts of the World, Keeping Lock Picks and Bump Keys is Legal. Until you use them for criminal purposes you don’t have to worry about.


Make sure to know the Law to avoid putting yourself in any unfortunate situation.

In majority of The US, it is legal to purchase and possess Lock Pick Sets. Check out and Get your First Set here.

You can also Learn more about the Laws here.


Please note that this article is mainly for informational purposes. We do not claim to be lawyers or any authority responsible for lock picks ownership rules. We’re simply presenting the rules to you as set up by relevant authorities—which may well change in the future.

You may want to check official sources for accuracy—before reaching any decision about getting lock picking tools.