Open Schlage Lock Without Key – Schlage Lock Battery Dead No Key

Have you ever encountered a situation when your Schlage Door Lock battery is dead and you don’t have the Key? Because of this situation you have to Open Schlage lock without key.

Since the locks are designed not to be easily picked, the process of opening a Schlage lock without a key or Re-keying is difficult. In this article, we’ll be discussing the possible methods and the Battery Jump Procedure which should be used in emergencies.

Open Schlage Lock Without Key
Schlage Lock Battery Dead No Key

Why are Schlage Locks hard to Pick

Schlage locks comes with many anti-theft features and come in many shapes and sizes. The Company, Schlage makes one of the most commonly found padlocks available and is the choice of many for self-defence applications.

They come in different styles, but are typically installed on doors in a vertical configuration (back-to-back) for easy access. Some of the Schlage locks are front-mounted with an interlocking cylinder on the front (e.g. Master lock).


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These locks are generally used by corporate houses, airports and other high security environments. Many people also choose Schlage lock for security in their homes. These high security locks are good options for renters as well.

The Schlage locks use a system of removable pins with additional combination dials on the back side of the lock with makes them harder to pick. This is the reason why its hard to open a Schlage Lock when its battery is dead and there is no Key.

How to Re-Key a Schlage Lock Without the Key

Opening a Schlage Lock Without the Key has several stages. We will take you through each stage and walk you through what to do.

Important Note About Re-Keying a Schlage Lock Without a Key: Since a Schlage Lock is mechanical, it’s a mess. It will rust and the primer will eat away. Once you’ve cleaned it out, you’ll have to reinstall the control board.

We advise you to have the control board, the keypad, and the purge button all cleaned and thoroughly lubricated before attempting a re-key.

If you get a screwdriver in a new spot during re-keying, you have to remove the deadlock lever, and replace it with a new, lubricated lever.

The deadlock lever is the second lever that you should press to release the lock.

You can call a Locksmith to ease up with the process of re-keying. Otherwise you can try to Re-Key a Schlage Lock yourself with the help of a kit.

Process of Re-keying when you don’t have a Key and the Battery is Dead

  1. Remove the Schlage Lock from the Door: Remove the Dead bolt from the hole and Take out the Lock.
  2. Remove the C-Clip and Lock Cylinder: Try to find a Spanner and insert your old key and turn it by 45 degrees.
  3. Remove the Interior Plug: Plug the follower inside the housing of the cylinder and make sure that the interior pins and springs don’t fall out.
  4. Replace the Pins using a Tweezer.

Is It Safe to Open Schlage Lock without Key

There have been cases of people who didn’t understand that the buttons on the new Schlage Touchscreen Locks. They try to open a new key with their other key instead of resetting the lock to where the toggle-style key functions.

You must know how to reset a Schlage lock in order to re-key it. When the reset key is used, the touchscreen locks remain on and will not allow you to open the door unless you reset the lock to where the toggle style lock functions.

There is a physical key inside the lock, but only one side of the key is used to re-key the lock. The other side can be kept with the key ring to prevent anyone from using the key without your permission.

My Schlage lock won’t open! What to do?

Below are the basic steps you can try when a Schlage cannot open a door.

  • Fix the GFCI Inside the Door by disconnecting it from power.
  • Next, buy the supplies necessary to cut into the side of the door with a hacksaw.
  • If you are having difficulty locating the the damaged spot in the lock, take the cover off the lock and gently tap the damaged area with a screwdriver until it feels loose.
  • Use your file or putty knife to make the repair.
  • Before putting the cover back on, read the instructions on your new lock’s manual to make sure you installed the lock correctly.
  • If your door does not have a GFCI, a surge protector on the main circuit may be the culprit.
  • Ask your electrician to look at the circuit and consider an extension cord that will protect your current lock from a surge.

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Schlage Lock Battery Dead No Key – What to Do?

Re-keying without a key is less expensive and is a step you should consider before going to a locksmith.

Here is how to use the Schlage handle release key and a break and enter tool to re-key a Schlage.

Step 1: Place the Schlage handle on the box using a screwdriver. Note the plate of the Schlage lock and that the plate is facing up. Place the broken finger and the reset key in the box. Place the key inside the Schlage lock.

Step 2: Using the screwdriver, flip the key clockwise as you open the Schlage lock from the front.

Step 3: Remove the key and continue to open the lock, locking each new key as you progress.

Step 4: The Schlage key will be in the Schlage lock, and the key in the plate will be broken.

Unlock a Schlage Door Lock that has a Dead Battery


Before proceeding please note that the lock will remain unlocked until you change the battery and re-lock the door.

Firstly, Take a New Alkaline Battery and touch it on the contacts below the bolt throw. Then wait for 1 red light and then 3 green lights with 3 beeps after that.

Secondly, Enter a valid credential and Rotate the bolt throw away from the door edge.

Lastly, Replace the Battery and Re-lock the door.


Are Schlage locks hard to pick?

There is no doubt that Schlage makes some of the Best Locks in the Industry and they are definitely hard to pick.

What happens if smart lock battery dies?

In most of the cases you have to re-key the lock if fixing the battery doesn’t work.

Can I get Schlage bump key?

Since Schlage door locks are hard to pick, You can try Searching Online for the Bump Key that works!

Conclusion – Opening a Schlage Door Lock with Dead Battery

You may think that the above description of re-keying a lock is complicated, but once you become familiar with the ins and outs of the lock, it’s quite simple.

Schlage locks are a safe and easy option to lock up your home. They come in different varieties: the one-piece cylinder, sliding cylinder, cylinder key (accessories that work with the Schlage Z-Wave Plus Security System) and the one-piece keypad.


Please note that this article is mainly for informational purposes. We do not claim to be lawyers or any authority responsible for lock picks ownership rules. We’re simply presenting the rules to you as set up by relevant authorities—which may well change in the future.

You may want to check official sources for accuracy—before reaching any decision about getting lock picking tools.